I'm a visual artist, graphic designer and DJ living and working in Helsinki, Finland. I've been studying in Lahti Institute of Design and The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.
I'm very open-minded and I enjoy crossing the boundaries in the fields of visual arts.

Contact me via email/instagram for commissions. ༼つ ◕_◕ ༽つ I'm always open to visual projects on a wide scale, such as mural painting, stage design, custom artworks, graphic design, installation art & anything weird or fun enough! 

As an artist I’m interested in telling a story through forms and colors, interaction between people and objects, movement and emotion. My works are often personal – expressions of my inner life and sentiments, aiming to offer journeys into moments that can feel familiar and into something that can’t be described, into dream-like worlds. My inspiration can be found from city nights, neon lights and the ludicrous human nature.

I'm working on various fields of visual arts – including e.g. acrylic painting, rug tufting, serigraphy, video, installation art and analog photography. I'm always passionate about learning new ways to express myself, mixing techniques and exploring humanity. I believe in playfulness.
marianne (@) joku.asia
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