Fish Go Deep
Wood, fabric, fishing jigs
Made for Kunsthaus Jägermeister at Solstice Festival in Rukatunturi.
I wanted to create a functional installation on top of Rukatunturi. Sit down, relax and enjoy the amazing view. The vibrant colors of fishing jigs and pink fabric came alive the solstice sunlight. 
Shopping Carts of Myyr York
Recycled clothes and accessories, shopping carts
Made for Myyrmäen Katutaideriennaali, a street art festival, in which we took part with our Pehmeä Vandalismi art collective.
“The project is inspired by the page Shopping Carts of Myyr York, which is inspired by Humans of Myyr York, which is inspired by Humans of New York. ”
The idea was to dress up and decorate random shopping carts lying around Myyrmäki – to give them identities, humanize them. The new looks of the shopping carts were based on the fictional but at the same time familiar characters who could be met in the hoods of Vantaa.






Interactive light installation


Photographed by Nana Turunen

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